GIS Face Oils are made from the highest-grade organic cold-pressed oils, wild plants and home-grown herbs and flowers from organic gardening in Oslo and Hemsedal. The botanicals are carefully foraged by hand in the Norwegian mountains, forests, and summer lands. Upon blending these ingredients, their properties become even more potent - balancing, nourishing, moisture-boosting, skin-strengthening and anti-inflammatory - to achieve beautiful, glowing skin whatever your age. Some of the blends are enriched with organic or wild crafted steamed-distilled essential oils to attain a wonderful boost for your skin and spirit and become nutrient-rich bottles of power drops. GIS Face Oils are rich and soothing yet allowing your skin to heal and breathe.

GIS Face Oil-formulations are unique and hand-crafted by the founder Helen G Håndstad. The quality of each bottle we make is very important to us. That’s why GIS face oils are made in small batches for freshness, using only edible wildcrafted plants and cultivated organic plant-based ingredients. We source from both certified and non-certified farms, but always from sources I trust.

GIS care for People and the Planet! We use only organic + gently wildcrafted ingredients. Nothing else! We use recyclable packaging! We would never use any animal ingredients and we would never, ever dream of testing our products on animals!

The brand GIS BOTANICALS is a part of HELEN G HÅNDSTAD in Oslo, Norway. Company Registration No. 996 500 624 MVA.

Avovado hage på Kreta - GIS BOTANICALSHere I am in the organic avocado orchard in Crete where fruit is gently grown for the beautiful oil that is the basis for all GIS oils.